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Bringing infrared technology to street-level imaging to introduce you to a whole new realm of possibilities in the world of energy efficiency marketing.

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SageScore - the future of energy efficiency marketing

Grading each building by likelihood to buy and focusing your marketing efforts on building owners most likely to purchase improvements.

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Sagewell has been operating in the energy efficiency marketing and lead generation space for nearly 5 years. We have engaged with tens of thousands of homeowners, imaged over a million buildings, collected troves of data, and developed deep insights into which homeowners are most likely to make energy efficiency improvements to their homes.
From lead generation to targeted marketing to program benchmarking, we use our unique analytics and our intimate knowledge of all aspects of the home building performance eco-system to help you maximize your energy efficiency program gains at the lowest possible cost.
Sagewell's thermal imaging programs and SageScore homeowner conversion scoring systems deliver cost-effective high-quality leads. Don't waste your time chasing leads with low probability homeowners. By working with our marketing team, you can be on the fast track to increased sales and performance.
We partner with community groups to drive home energy efficiency improvements by combining our thermal imaging service with our extensive marketing experience. Together, we can create a greener community.